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I am currently based in the midwest living my dream of photographing and filming this wondrous adventure we call life. I believe the stories that are buried deep within each and everyone of us are stories worth sharing. I believe in making genuine moments and the affection that comes with them last. Theres a joy that overwhelms me in being able to take part in documenting something thats so much larger than myself, the opportunity to capture moments that not only enlighten our hearts today but for generations to come.

I strive to be the people's photographer,  I understand that everyones budget is different and I seek to accommodate my clients and meet them where they’re at in the most feasible way possible. Lets make something beautiful last. 

Springfield, MO

Available for world wide travel

Phone: 417.849.3736

Instagram: andrewedwrds    

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Andrew Edwards / Visual Storytelling / Lifestyle & Wedding Photography / Springfield, Missouri